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A few links which may be useful to seniors and relatives

Senior Dance

This a BC government site dedicated to all aspects of Seniors life, from housing to health. It also links to the Seniors handbook which can be printed off.

Discussion about end of life care is difficult but worth doing. Ideally you would always involve your relatives so that they can advocate for you, when you are not in a position to advocate for yourself. The next two links relate to Advanced Care Directives and the MOST form. We have the MOST form on our computers and they can be printed off pre-populated with your details. they are quite complex. After looking at sites, if you want to discuss more or arrange a MOST form, please come in to discuss. Bring a relative if that helps.

Interior Health have a webpage discussing Advanced Care Planning and MOST forms, click here.


Not an easy diagnosis for the patient or their relatives. Below is a good site. Their First Link program is very good.

Travel advice for seniors- pacemaker anyone! We often asked for advice about travelling with medication, artificial joints and pacemakers.

Sometimes, patients need to borrow equipment temporarily, The Red Cross can help

Very useful resource website for seniors.

They can help with tax, gardening, transport etc.

Seniors: About
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