If we decide you need an Xray , we will give the requisition. You can either phone Vernon Radiological for an appointment or try to see if they will accept a "walk-in". It will depend on how busy they are. (250) 545-0747

Vernon Jubilee hospital will also accept walk-in patients especially if urgent.

Armstrong health centre also performs X-rays, please contact them for an appointment

Lumby Health centre can also take X-rays

All other investigations ( ultrasounds, CT scans, MRIs etc) will be faxed by us to the relevant imaging centre. They will then call or write to you to make an

appointment. If your contact details change after the requisition is sent, please make sure you up date us and let us know that a requisition was sent and that the relevant imaging centre needs to be informed.

There can be long waits for some imaging. At present, we have long waits for mammograms, ultrasounds, MRIs and CTs. We realize this is worrisome and upsetting , we are as concerned as you are, but we cannot speed up the appointments.