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Change of address/phone numbers

Please update us as soon as possible, don't wait until your next visit, we may need to contact you beforehand. The link above will take you to a form you can fill in and either scan and email to the address on our home page or bring in to your next visit

Appointments are for one patient only, feel free to ask if someone else can be briefly seen but please don't be offended if it is not possible.

We have an ongoing problem with no-shows and late cancellations. No-shows alone are over 1000 per year.

Please try to tell us at least 24 hours before if you can't attend.

We bill $40 for a missed appointment and $75 for a missed longer appointment eg IUD insertion, minor surgery.


In general they are ok, but be realistic! Please be mindful of other patients waiting to be seen, perhaps with limited time on the parking meter. Always mention your most important problem first, don't be offended if we cannot deal with everything. Remember, we also have to chart your concerns, when there are several that takes time and we will take that into mind when asking you to rebook.

Don't ask for longer appointments, in general they aren't possible, if you have lots of issues, book another appointment, if we do get through all your concerns, we can always cancel.

Think you have a urine infection, maybe pregnant?

Its ok to ask one of our MOAs to check your urine before you see the doctor, maybe arrive a little early to allow for time.


Congratulations! However, none of the doctors in our office do maternity care. You have two options:

Midwives, we have several in town. You don't need a doctors referral so can phone direct and get things moving. Have a look at

If you would rather see one of the GP obstetricians, you will need to make an appointment to see one of us as we have to make the referral.


 We cannot take requests for a specialist referral over the phone. Please make an appointment to discuss. Frequently a referral is not needed as we are more than capable of addressing the problem!


Unless blister packed, you do need to make an appointment for refills. In exceptional circumstances, we will take phone requests.

We prefer to fax to your pharmacy of choice if possible. It saves paper and should be quicker and more streamlined for our patients. However, if you are going directly, it is best to give you a paper prescription as our fax takes 10-15 minutes.

Blood pressure.

Studies show that the most accurate blood pressure measurements are your own , from an electronic machine, arm, not wrist, preferably in the morning before your coffee. Always discard your first reading and average out the next 2-3. Please bring in a sample of your readings, they are very useful as we are keen not to over or under treat.

Electronic machines are fairly cheaply bought online or at local pharmacies, supermarkets.

Please make sure that you are signed up for Fair Pharmacare

Everyone , regardless of income should be on it!

Just a reminder that not all services are covered by MSP. Have a look at this link for more information:

Please note, we are unable to remove skin lesions considered to be cosmetic.

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