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We always try to do referrals to our specialist colleagues in a timely manner. If your referral was urgent and you do not hear soon after seeing your doctor, please check with one of our staff to make sure there haven't been any glitches.

Routine referrals can take some time, sometimes many months. The specialist will, in most cases, contact you directly, so if your contact details change in the intervening time, let us know!

There are a few specialists who ask us to call you with the appointment date although due to up coming new College guidelines this may stop.

If your referral was routine, please do not contact either ourselves or the specialist unless a sensible length of time has elapsed. It can cause a lot of unnecessary work and blocks phone lines.

We are sometimes asked to do several referrals to different specialists to see which appointment will come first. We will decline this request as it is inappropriate and creates more work for everyone, whilst clogging up wait lists!

Referrals to Specialists: About
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