Chart & Stethoscope


During the current pandemic, we are trying to keep as many people out of our office as possible, whilst still being able to meet their immediate needs.

You may be offered a telemedicine appointment if appropriate. Obviously we realize not everyone will be able to manage this and many concerns can be dealt with by phone alone.

If you are given a telemedicine appointment, please click on the appropriate link below according to which doctor you will be speaking to, usually your own.

Please do this about 5 minutes before your appointment. It's a bit slow, but be patient with the system, it maybe overloaded as huge numbers of doctors will be doing this.

You will have to enter your name.

You will be directed to a waiting room for your doctor. When available the doctor will start speaking to you. You will have to allow your camera and microphone to be used. It works on PC, Mac and phones/tablets. No app/download is needed.


We will not be able to talk to you, just as in office if you just appeared without an appointment! Only patients on our schedule will be "seen".

Dr Lindsey Hayward

Dr Peter Henley

Dr Heinz Raupach